Privacy Policy September 09, 2021

“World Digital Products” is committed to protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is designed to help us understand what kind of information we collect with our products and services and how we process and use such information. Throughout this Policy, the term “personal data” means information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (i.e. a natural person).

“World Digital Products” refers to (wlstvcast) Digital products all over the world!
Special Materials & necessary info as well as various product content of affiliates and subsidiaries listed on for the customers of this site. You acknowledge and agree that the personal information you collect may be used by one or more companies in accordance with this policy, (who are committed to customer service with World Digital Products). Which will be considered individually or collectively as the data controller in the case of such data.

We may provide additional privacy terms with a specific “World Digital Products” product or service. Our products or services may contain links to other companies’ websites and other third-party services that have their own privacy policies. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of such services carefully. World Digital Products ( is not responsible for the practice of privacy or the content of such third party services.

What information do we collect?

This website does not use any form of tracking cookie. The World Digital Products website collects a record of your visit to our website and logs the following information for statistical analysis and system administration purposes.

  • The IP address of your Internet Service Provider
  • The date and time of the visit to the site
  • The previous site visited and the type of browser used
  • When you comment, your email, name, website (if any) are collected!

You may have links to other websites, other companies’ websites, and other services that have their own privacy policy. We recommend that you read their privacy policies in order to receive their services. Not responsible for World Digital Products practice ( Privacy or the content of such third party services.


Our site does not use any cookies at this time but may do so in the future. Note: Others associated with us can do that.


If you want to make any kind of comment, we collect your name, email which is required, and if there is a website.


Of all the products on our site, there are some products that are either drugs or medicine. So I urge you to be careful before buying medicine. Be sure to seek expert advice before purchasing medication, for example, if you are in critical condition, are pregnant, underage, or under any circumstances.

Our site will not be liable, for any drug and Ananya products purchased through our site without expert advice, and for any such situation!